About Us


To build the company into one of the strongest in its field of operation, having no geographical constrains. Sharing our resources with previously disadvantaged companies, making us all stronger and very competitive.


Wireless communications has become a strong force in that there is a big demand for voice, data, fax and video, all wireless. In SA, because of its vast amount of rural areas, the need for such services and equipment, makes our company the ideal choice, using our expertise to assist customers in achieving there goals.

  • Wireless telecommunications – mesh, point-to-point and multi-point data & voice.
  • Wireless Networking – Microwave RF and Optic systems.
  • We do business with companies in all areas of SA and in the rest of Africa – supplying them communications solutions.
  • Simulcast & Voting Systems for Two-Way Radios.
  • Supply, install and service of Two-Way Radios.

It is the company philosophy to deliver quality work and products to clients, completing this within the contract period, and to ensure the customer credibility with their own customers or superiors.

We have an excellent track record since 1978, for supplying our customers with the correct advice, thus achieving both their and our goals. This is why we call ourselves “Your Data Solutions Company “.

We are proud to announce that we expanded our company with Solar Power Energy Systems.

We supply Solar Panels, Batteries, Inverters, Regulators and LED Lights with optional installation if required.