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DC-DC Converters

Category : DC-DC Converters

LCDD692Why do you need DC-DC Convertors?

It is for Voltage protection and to convert to different voltage as needed.

What can cause damages on your equipment?

  • Battery jump starts
  • Overload of voltage
  • Undervoltage
  • Reverse voltage

The Solution: The use of our DC-DC converters will help you protect against these damages.

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Hytera PD405 Special extended to end July 2016

Category : Two Way Radios

Special on the DMR PD405 Digital Radio – R2486.00 excl VAT.

Includes Radio, Antenna, Battery, Charger, Belt Clip & Leather Strip.         Download datasheet PD405

 Hytera PD405 Special

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Collision Avoidance & Detection Systems

Category : Mine Safety

We supply a range of Collision Avoidance Systems, Personal Proximity Detection Systems and Camera Safety Systems for Mining, Rail, Construction and Transport applications including:

  • Personal Proximity Detection Systems (PPDS)
  • Vehicle to Vehicle Collision Avoidance Systems (VCAS)
  • Tyre Handler Personal Proximity Detection Systems (PPDS)
  • Stockpile Dozer & Stacker Machine Collision Avoidance Systems (SCAS)
  • Early Warning Detection Systems (EWDS) for Rail Maintenance Machines
  • Trackside Warning Systems (TWS)
  • Camera Safety Systems (CSS)
  • Web-based GPS Tracking Systems(GPS)

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KST N2 & F22 3W have arrived!

New stock Two Way Radios.

KST N2 two way radios @ R699 incl. VAT

F22 3W two way radios @ R599 incl. VAT

They are selling fast. We suggest you put in your order to avoid disappointment.

More information on the two way radios:

KST N2 go here.

F22 3W go here.