Frequently Asked Questions:

Health Questions

Why do I need it?

OHAir® technology significantly reduces the risk of airborne contaminates within an indoor environment and unlike other products does not introduce chemicals such as ethanol, ammonia or chlorine into the room.

Does it reduce allergies and asthma?

The generation of hydroxyls removes volatile organic compounds, as well as bacteria and viruses that may cause allergies or asthmatic reactions.

How will I know whether or not it’s having an effect?

You’ll notice that the quality of your indoor air has improved because of the reduction in noticeable odours.

Are there any negative health effects?

No. Atmospheric hydroxyls occur naturally and have no negative impact on humans, animals or plants.


Is it dangerous to pets or kids?

No, not at all. Humans and animals have evolved with hydroxyls within the natural environment.

Will it affect plants?

Yes, in a positive way. Trials have shown that OHAir® technology improves the condition and lifespan of indoor plants.

Environment Questions

Does it create carbon emissions?

Only through the use of electricity. The OHAir® unit itself creates no environmental issues, including ozone generation, as it is reproducing a process that occurs naturally in the atmosphere.

How long does it take to make the room healthy?

The standard time is 6-10 hours within a room of 15 square metres, but this can depend on factors such as the make up of the room and what you use it for. It may take longer in cases of heavy contamination. However, once the room is healthy it continues to remain healthy while the unit is operating.

Do you have to leave it on all the time?

To generate a constant stream of hydroxyls you need to have the unit on. Once you turn it off the hydroxyls cease to exist.

Can it be wall-mounted or does it sit on the floor?

We offer both wall-mounted units, and floor-based personal units that you can move around the house.

Does it need to be in the centre of the room or can it be in a corner?

It can be anywhere, but the most effective place is in the corner of the room near the room’s source of air flow (e.g. a door or window).

What’s a hydroxyl?

Hydroxyls are naturally-occurring ‘radicals’ that can break apart almost any molecule or volatile organic compound (VOC). They are created in the upper atmosphere by the reaction of UV light with water and ozone.

In outside air they are constantly replenished to a steady state of between 0.5 and 2.6 million molecules per cubic centimetre. Inside a normal room, or outdoors in a polluted city, the level of hydroxyls is zero.

Function Questions

How does it differ from an air conditioner or de-humidifier?

The unit only produces hydroxyls that clean the indoor air and surfaces. It doesn’t regulate temperature or humidity.

I already have air conditioning, why do I need it?

An air conditioner only adjusts the temperature; it doesn’t improve the quality of the air in your house by generating hydroxyls.

Does it dry the air like a de-humidifier?


Does it cool or heat the air?


How much noise does it make?

OHAir® technology is quiet; it makes less noise than a fan or standard air conditioner. It makes 38-50DB at one metre.

Viability Questions

Is this proven technology?

The unique feature of OHAir® Technology is that it continually generates a constant stream of hydroxyls within an indoor environment.

What tests have you done to prove that it works?

Tests include independent laboratory testing as well as field-testing within specific controlled environments.

This technology has been tested and approved by the FDA in the USA. Learn more here.

Is it used in hospitals?

Trials have been performed and are continuing to be conducted globally within hospital environments, and the technology has been certified by the FDA for use as an air sterilant.

Learn more here.

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