• Having a clean home is not the same as having a healthy home
    Having a clean home is not the same as having a healthy home

How is our products Unique?

The most effective air purification machine on the market.

The Ozone Generators and Hydroxyl Generators are appropriate for professional use. Fire- and water-damage restoration specialists use it around the world. Each product offers several unique features to meet your air purifying, sterilization and restoration needs.

Our Sylvan Complete® Air Purifier was designed for use in occupied spaces for home and professional settings. The Sylvan Complete® uses a combination of Ionization, UV light Treatment, HEPA filters, Activated Carbon, and optional Ozone, to provide the most effective air purification machine on the market.

Why use Hydroxyls / Ozone Technology?

1. It’s Natural.

This technology mimics the natural effect of sunlight to produce safe, normally occurring atmospheric hydroxyls which act as natures cleaning agents within our atmosphere.

2. It’s Effective.

This technology will eliminate 99.9% of the harmful bacteria and viruses in your home, including influenza, E coli and staphylococcus, as well as destroying mould and eliminating odours. All without using any potentially harmful or toxic chemicals.

3. It’s Immediate.

An unit in your home will immediately improve the health of the air you and your family breathe. If you or your children suffer from asthma, airborne allergies, or if you simply live on a busy road, you can expect a noticeable difference when you’re breathing ozone/hydroxyls.

4.It’s Safe.

Atmospheric hydroxyls themselves are completely natural and non-harmful to humans, plants or animals. This technology uses a tried-and-tested method to produce hydroxyls safely, with no risk to humans.

Benefits Of Ozone Machines.

Ozone is a colorless gas made up of three atoms of oxygen (O3). It is one of the strongest disinfectants in the world with 3000 times the germ killing power of chlorine. When ozone comes in contact with molds, mildew, pollen, bacteria and other airborne contaminants, one of those atoms combines with the pollutants rendering them inactive by oxidation. This leaves behind pure, clean, fresh smelling oxygen!
Ozone generators are the only viable solution for reducing mold, mildew, pollen, bacteria and other airborne contaminants.

Laboratory Tests:

Extensive testing conducted at ATS labs in the USA confirms the ability of the technology to destroy harmful organisms in the air and on surfaces in your home. As you can see from this table, many of the bacteria were reduced by over 90% within just a few hours:







Coronavirus – Can it kill the coronavirus?

The outbreak and rapid spread of a new coronavirus from China has caused great concern worldwide as the virus is highly contagious and spread in air, from contaminated surfaces and via personal contact. This PDF talks about the Global CoronaVirus Outbreak in general.

  Global Cornavirus Outbreak 2020 final (PDF)

Testing a new, virulent virus like the Wuhan coronavirus that is spreading across China is not possible for several reasons. Read more in this PDF titled “Can HGI Prove Odorox® Technology Kills the Wuhan Coronavirus?”

Can HGI Prove Odorox kills the Wuhan Coronavirus 2-3-2020 Final

Our Products:

Both of our powerful ozone generators and our hydroxyl generators come with a 120-minute timer, a hold function and a spare ozone plate!
You can also set them to temporary shock treatment or continuous air purification mode.

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