This ozone machine packs an enormous air purification punch with a max of 12.5G/Hr Ozone output. Although this makes the OG-12500 one of the most powerful ozone generators on the market, the real killer app on this machine is that you have fine tune variable ozone control. This allows you to set your ozone output from 0 to 12,500mg/hr (with trace amounts of ozone 150mg/hr or less in small rooms 150-300mg/hr max in large rooms).

You may not know that large concentrations of ozone, although harmless long term, is a strong oxidation agent and can cause temporary moderate to severe irritation to the mucosal lining of the respiratory tract, and should be avoided. Unlike other unscrupulous sellers, we don’t overstate our ozone output, you can see in the pictures we clearly have two 6,250mg/hr ozone plates in our unit, each with its own power supply.

With 0 to 120-min timer and HOLD function you can set the OG-12500 to temporary shock treatments or continuous air purification mode. At the same time, if you have a huge room that has a decaying moose carcass, you can pump up the ozone and sterilize the smell 100% quickly and effectively with 12500mg/hr ozone output (be sure to remove the dead moose first). Ozone Generators are one of the most effective solutions for reducing mold, mildew, odors, and bacteria.

To have an effective ozone generator for every project it is IMPERATIVE that you can adjust the ozone output, this is why we developed the variable output units, and this is our most powerful ozonator boasting a range of 0 to 12,500mg/hr, so now you have an ozone generator that can be used (with trace amounts of ozone 150mg/hr or less in small rooms 150-300mg/hr max in large rooms) in occupied spaces and be used as an air purifier even in small occupied rooms with many air-breathing life forms.