Ozone/Hydoxyls Air Purifiers

How is our products Unique?

Our products are Multiple Wavelength UV Irradiation Air Cleaners. Incorporating the scientifically validated Odorox® technology, they generate an ongoing stream of powerful Atmospheric Hydroxyl Radicals that destroy harmful ozone, bacteria, viruses and VOC’s including formaldehyde within your indoor environment.
To date current technologies utilised to clean indoor air have their limitations. These products are unique, due to the high level of effectiveness and safety they provide to you and your family.

Why use Hydroxyls Technology?

1. It’s Natural.

This technology mimics the natural effect of sunlight to produce safe, normally occurring atmospheric hydroxyls which act as natures cleaning agents within our atmosphere.

2. It’s Effective.

This technology will eliminate 99.9% of the harmful bacteria and viruses in your home, including influenza, E coli and staphylococcus, as well as destroying mould and eliminating odours. All without using any potentially harmful or toxic chemicals.

3. It’s Immediate.

An unit in your home will immediately improve the health of the air you and your family breathe. If you or your children suffer from asthma, airborne allergies, or if you simply live on a busy road, you can expect a noticeable difference when you’re breathing ozone/hydroxyls.

4.It’s Safe.

Atmospheric hydroxyls themselves are completely natural and non-harmful to humans, plants or animals. This technology uses a tried-and-tested method to produce hydroxyls safely, with no risk to humans.

* Having a clean home is not the same as having a healthy home:

This technology is proven to effectively maintain the healthiest indoor environment for you and your loved ones.

* Ensure the health of your rooms:

This technology destroys bacteria and mould spores that grow in damp places like bathrooms.

* Remove airborne chemicals:

This technology breaks down chemical gases from carpets, domestic cleaners and more.

* Eliminate odours:

This technology removes unpleasant odours from things like shoes, wet clothes and even loved ones.

* Maintain the health of the room:

This technology continues to destroy bacteria and viruses floating in the air and on surfaces.

* Provide a healthy work environment:

This technology ensures the healthiest indoor environment for your employees and customers.

How it Works?

Harnessing the power of the sun.

The OHAir® unit contains a uniquely designed HGU (Hydroxyl Generation Unit) that operates at specific wavelengths to reproduce the effect of the sun’s ultra-violet light, but inside your house.

This is a bit technical, but this how OHAir® technology works:

  1. A pulse of low-wavelength light from the HGU (Hydroxyl Generation Unit) interacts with a water molecule in the air (H2O) removing a hydrogen atom resulting in the creation of a hydroxyl molecule consisting of an oxygen and hydrogen atom (OH).
  2. The newly generated hydroxyl is in a dynamic state as it seeks to recover the hydrogen atom from any molecule it interacts with to convert back to a water molecule.
  3. The Constant Stream effect of the OHAir® unit continues the ongoing generation of hydroxyls, spreading them within the air and onto surfaces in the room.
  4. The dynamic nature of the hydroxyl molecule results in the destruction of any bacteria and virus it contacts by penetrating their cell walls and removes any volatile organic chemicals such as chlorine and ammonia by changing their chemical composition.

Laboratory Tests:

Extensive testing conducted at ATS labs in the USA confirms the ability of the technology to destroy harmful organisms in the air and on surfaces in your home. As you can see from this table, many of the bacteria were reduced by over 90% within just a few hours:




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