Intrinsically Safe Full Power Digital Radio

Intrinsically Safe Full Power Digital Radio
UL/CSA/COST Certified explosion-proof
DMR Portable Two-wav RadioDesigned for Hazardous Working Environments
Smooth Migration from Analog to Digital
Larger Battery Capacity, Longer Cycle Life

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As a product built to the DMR standard, PD78X/PD78XG/PD70X/PD70XG (UL913) are specially designed for those who work in environments with explosive gas and combustible dusts, where using regular radios could be unsafe. Hytera understands the challenges of professionals in hazardous environments. And is dedicated to designing and delivering of intrinsically safe and reliable communications solutions. Hytera launched PD78X/PD78XG/PD70X/PD70XG (UL913), portable explosion-proof DMR radio with ergonomic and rugged design, long battery life and UL913-rated forsafety. The PD78XG/PD70XG enables your workers to communicate safely and efficiently wherever it must be.

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