portable radio complete with battery, Antenna, GP’s and Charger is a system that allows users track GPS positioning using internet explorer as well as communicate to any radios that are in the field. These radios are very rugged.

This Radio has a screen allowing for Private call and Group Calling as well as an emergency button.

This is a straight forward Radio.

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Push to Talk – PTT GSM Radios

What is Push to Talk?

Push to Talk (PTT) is a means of achieving two way communications by utilizing a cellular device on existing GSM cellular network infrastructure. The service could therefore be offered where the GSM networks have coverage, which greatly reduces the limitations on geographical coverage offered by other two way communication systems. It is a technology ideally suited for organisations with the need to communicate cost-effectively with their personnel in the field or on the road.

PTT switches a cellular device from full duplex mode, which is a mode where both parties can hear each other simultaneously, to half duplex mode, where only one party can speak whilst the other party listens. The party which pushed the PTT button has the floor until the PTT button is released. The operation of the phone, when used in PTT mode, is very similar to two way communication achieved with “walkie-talkies” or other radios.

The other main difference between a normal cellular call and a PTT call is that users connect quickly due to the one-on-one relationship that gets configured by the service provider. Multiple parties could, however, be included in a conversation – similar to professional radio usage.

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