Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters / UPS for home/office backup systems or an off-grid system.

In order to allow your AC appliances and equipment to operate as normal, a solar power system requires a solar inverter.

The current generated by the photovoltaic array, or solar panels, is always direct current (DC). Therefore, a solar inverter is required in order to change the direct current to alternating current (AC). Without the solar inverter we would not be able to power commercial, industrial or residential appliance with solar power.

There are two different types of inverters. 

The first is a pure sinewave inverter which is typically used for televisions, computers and other appliances with screens. The pure sinewave inverter is also used for alliances which have particular voltage requirements such as florescent lighting.

The second option is a modified inverter. This solar inverter is used for general application and, as a result, it is much more cost effective. The modified inverter is generally used for washing machines, fridges, etc.

Axpert solar inverter_1kva_3kva_5kva
Sunrise solar inverter 1000W_600W
Axpert solar inverter_1kva_3kva_5kva
Sunrise solar inverter 1000W_600W
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