Improve your in-building communication, issues such as dead zones or spotty reception that’s causing both lost productivity and even safety issues.

The BDA is a tool used to boost wireless signals, typically in large buildings like campuses, hospitals, hotels, or manufacturing plants, and they help your two-way radios and smartphones avoid dropping calls or receiving spotty coverage.

Bi-directional amplifier is a device that locates a wireless signal, amplifies it, and then rebroadcasts it throughout your building.

Benefits of a BDA

  • Improve cellular and two-way radio communications within your buildings
  • Ensure dependable communication coverage for first responders
  • Enhance your business’s productivity
  • Increase value to tenants through enhanced mobile coverage
  • Address all cellular carriers within a single building
  • One of the best things about BDAs is the fact that the benefits they offer directly rely on the use case. For example, those in a manufacturing plant will be using the BDA for different reasons than a campus or hospital would, but the solution would still find ways to help solve their signal and communication issues.


Band Selective Repeater Product Description: Band Selective Repeater works as a bi-directional amplifier to increase the signal between the Mobile Station and the Base Station, uses a pick up Donor Antenna to receive the radio signal from a donor cell and amplify the signal, then re-transmit signal by the Service Antenna to the target coverage area.

Channel Selective Repeater Product Description: Channel Selective Repeater only select and amplify signal on particular channels. It is commonly used in off-air applications where high selectively. It is an important feature in urban radio environments with large amounts of interference.

Fiber Optic Repeater Product Description: The Fiber Optic Repeater (FOR) is designed to solve problems of weak mobile signal in such place: far away from the BTS (Base Station) and has fiber optic cable network underground.

Digital Fiber Optic Repeater Product Description: Digital Fiber Optic Repeater System is a new kind of Fiber Optic Repeater which is adopting DSP (Digital Signal Process) technology, and is designed to simultaneity solve problem of weak mobile signal in the place that is far away from the Base Station (BTS) and has fiber optic cable network available.

GSM 900MHz Repeater

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Dual-band Repeater

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UHF/VHF Wireless Repeater

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