•  Monitoring software can be upgraded locally or remotely.
•  Wide dynamic range, low power consumption and noise figure. Protection from over voltage, over current and over temperature
•  High isolation from uplink to downlink to improve high stability.
•  High reliability and MTBF≥100,000 hours
•  Perfect remote and local network monitoring function.
•  Avoid interference from co-frequency
•  Enlarge the coverage area with omni directional antenna
•  Extend the signal distance of base station
•  Backup batteries
•  Main module self-test and auto alarm.
•  Door open alarm
•  ALC(auto level control).


To expand signal coverage of signal blind areas where signal is weak or unavailable.  Outdoor:  Airports, Tourism Regions, Golf Courses, Tunnels, Factories, Mining Districts, Villages etc.  Indoor:  Hotels, Exhibition Centers, Basements, Shopping Malls, Offices, Parking Lots etc

Model Number: KT-MGFO9/0- B35-V1  KT-SGFO9/43-B35-V1

•  Donor Unit and Remote Unit
•  One Donor Unit can support up 4 Remote Unit to maximize utilization of  fiber optic cable
•  Max transmission distance between Donor Unit and Remote Unit is 20Km
•  Easy to install on wall or pole

Items GSM900MHz Fiber Optical Repeater
Frequency Range Uplink 890‐915MHz
Downlink 935‐960MHz
Working Bandwidth Various bandwidth is available upon request
No. of Channels 1,2,4,6,8 for option
Transmission Distance Max20KM(From Donor Unit to Remote Unit)
Max Input Level +10dBm
Output Power Uplink Min-10dBm
Downlink Min37dBm-43dBm(5W-20W)-
Gain Min60dB
AGC Control Range Min 20dB (+/‐2dB)
Gain Control Range 31dB (1dB Step)
VSWR < 1.5
Ripple in Band Max +/‐ 1.5dB
Inter modulation attenuation ≤-45dBc □; ≤-36dBc □
Spurious Emissions 9KHz‐1GHz Max ‐36dBm
1GHz‐12.75GHz Max ‐30dBm
RF Connector N‐type Female
I/O Impedance 50 ohm
Noise Figure Max 5dB
Group Time Delay Max 5µS
Optical Fiber Specification Wave Length 1.31µm;1.55µm
Output Power Min0dBm
Fiber Type G652
Fiber Connector FC/PC
Sensitivity Max-13dBm(C/N=20dB)
Time Delay Max5µS/KM
Temperature Range ‐30 degree Celsius to +55 degree Celsius
Relative Humidity Max 95%
MTBF Min. 100,000 hrs
Power Supply DC ‐48V / AC220V (50Hz)/AC110V(60Hz)(+/‐15%)
UPS Backup Power Supply (Optional) 6 hours / 8 hours
NMS Monitor Function Real‐time alarm for Door Status, Temperature, Power Supply, VSWR, Output Power, Gain, Uplink ATT, Downlink ATT and etc.
Remote Control Module(Optional) RS232orRJ45+WirelessModem+ChargeableLi-ionBattery