•  Monitoring software can be upgraded locally or remotely.
•  Wide dynamic range, low power consumption and noise figure. Protection from over voltage, over current and over temperature
•  High isolation from uplink to downlink to improve high stability.
•  High reliability and MTBF≥100,000 hours
•  Perfect remote and local network monitoring function.
•  Avoid interference from co-frequency
•  Enlarge the coverage area with omni directional antenna
•  Extend the signal distance of base station
•  Backup batteries
•  Main module self-test and auto alarm.
•  Door open alarm
•  ALC(auto level control).


To expand signal coverage of signal blind areas where signal is weak or unavailable.  Outdoor:  Airports, Tourism Regions, Golf Courses, Tunnels, Factories, Mining Districts, Villages etc.  Indoor:  Hotels, Exhibition Centers, Basements, Shopping Malls, Offices, Parking Lots etc

Model Number: KT-PGB9/43-B35-V1

•  To amplify all signals in the whole band
•  Wireless repeater
•  Software control
•  Easy to install on wall or pole

Items GSM900MHz RF Band Selective Repeater
Frequency Range Uplink 890‐915MHz
Downlink 935‐960MHz
Output Power Uplink Min +23dBm ‐ +33dBm
Downlink Min. +30dBm ‐ +43dBm
Working Bandwidth Various bandwidth is available upon request
Gain Min. 90dB
Gain Control Range 31dB (1dB Step)
VSWR < 1.5
Ripple in Band Max +/‐ 1.5dB
Inter modulation attenuation ≤-45dBc □; ≤-36dBc □
Spurious Emissions 9KHz‐1GHz Max ‐36dBm
1GHz‐12.75GHz Max ‐30dBm
ACPR 5MHz ≤-45dBc
10MHz ≤-55dBc
RF Connector N‐type Female
I/O Impedance 50 ohm
Noise Figure Max 5dB
Group Time Delay Max 5µS
Temperature Range ‐25 degree Celsius to +55 degree Celsius
Relative Humidity Max 95%
MTBF Min. 100,000 hrs
Power Supply DC ‐48V / AC220V (50Hz)/AC110V(60Hz)(+/‐15%)
UPS Backup Power Supply (Optional) 6 hours / 8 hours
NMS Monitor Function Real‐time alarm for Door Status, Temperature, Power Supply, VSWR, Output Power, Gain, Uplink ATT, Downlink ATT and etc.
Remote Control Module(Optional) RS232 + Wireless Modem + Chargeable Li‐ion Battery