The  HX-3000 Hydroxyl Generator is the first of its kind to be able to offer you not the best of either options but the best three. Because now, you have the ability to give safe Hydroxyl Sterilization, “Ozone Shock Treatments,” or the unparalleled sterilizing power of combined Ozone and Hydroxyl working in synergy.  In addition to the Hydroxyl radicals, the HX-3000 also has UVA light sterilization that is also 100% safe.

To recap, the powerful difference that sets this machine apart are 1) it is a stand-alone Hydroxyl Generator that can also double as an 2) Ozone Generator, and 3) it can combine the sterilization of Ozone and Hydroxyls so that it becomes the most versatile and effective sterilizer anywhere.

The HX-3000 Hydroxl Only Mode takes longer to sterilize a room than an Ozone Generator but it can be just as effective, 100% safe, and can be used in inhabited areas, so the time tradeoff is well worth it. The UV light spectrum is 364 to 387nm emitted from the built in photocatalytic lamps which then pass through a progressive/resistive Anatase TIO2 treated Mega Reactor Shield which was engineered to hold the maximum number of Highly Reactive Nano Sized Anatase Titanium Dioxide, and as a result hole electron pairs are produced that will then react with the H2O and O2 in the air and form free electrons and Hydroxyl Radicals that when dispersed by the fan will then decompose organic and inorganic molecules and other air pollutants and break them down into carbon dioxide and water.

The  HX-3000’s environmentally friendly technology constantly sanitizes indoor air and surfaces from indoor pollutants. The Hydroxyl Plus Ozone Mode has unparalleled efficacy of sterilization, it can do twice the work in half the time. There is just nothing else like it.

This unit can be used in inhabited or uninhabited areas for fire and water restoration, for sterilization of smoke odors, mildew odors, mold spores, pet odors, bacteria and viruses, chemical fumes, decomposing organic matter, VOC’s, and many more.