Thinner and Lighter
Longer Battery Life
Louder and Clearer Audio
Enhanced Coverage
Higher Level of Ruggedness
Flexible Wireless Communication
More Intuitive and Efficient

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As the leading supplier, Hytera has huge experience in R&D and manufacturing of professional digital radios,
and received a large number of suggestions and ideas from users of all industries. Having analyzed and
extracted users’ need, we perceive that it is not enough to improve the status: the radio needs to be more
future ready.
Taking inspiration from the feedback received from our users, we are continuously envisioning and exploring
better communication within an eco-system of new standards, new technologies, new products and new
applications across the innovation chain. The HP78X is our brand new professional digital radio, and
represents the future on style and functions that refreshes the standards in digital radios, providing more
efficient and more reliable communication with loud and clear audio, powerful battery, remarkable portability
and ruggedness for ease of use across multiple environments and industries.

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