Your mine coverage solutions System.

Simulcast Suitable for:  Kenwood, Motorola, Hytera

Basic Concepts:

Simulcast is the simultaneous operation of two or more transmitters with overlapping coverage on the same frequency.
This means that several repeaters operating on the same frequency is deployed to cover the area required.

Typical Problems:

* Handheld radio’s can hear the repeater but cannot talk back.

* No coverage inside buildings.

* No coverage in low lying areas.

* No coverage behind hills or mountains.

* No coverage inside pits in opencast mining operations .

* No coverage behind dumps at mines .

Our Better Solutions communications for Two-Way Radio’s


Transmission Pro. – Deep Radio Shadow

* Radio waves at low frequencies can diffract (bend) around object.

* In mobile systems (high frequency band), wave diffraction does not take place,  therefore a deep radio shadow occurs on the un- illuminated side of the obstruction (e.g., building, hill, truck, or even human being)


What is “Nice” about Simulcast

*Existing equipment is used, you do not need to replace mobiles and handheld radio’s.

*Additional repeaters can be added or moved depending on own specific coverage requirements.

*Handheld equipment can now have the same coverage capabilities as mobiles.


Maintenance Issues

*Our equipment does not require technical people with high expertise

*A Two-way Radio Technician will have all the know how to maintain and set up the system

*It is modular and it is easy to expand the system


Why Simulcast

*The right technology for modern times

*Spectral efficient

*Provides excellent coverage at the right price

*Few alternatives offer the same coverage and you do not need to change existing communications equipment


Simulcast Overlapping Coverage Coverage all sites frequency Sites can be in any format, in-line, star or a combination.

Seamless Roaming between Sites.

The voting controller measures the “RSSI” of the receivers and decides which one’s audio it will use to modulate the various transmitters with.

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